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Custom LASIK - Wavefront LASIK
Custom Wavefront LASIK surgery is considered a very safe LASIK procedure and takes advantage of the latest laser vision technology and uses 3-dimensional measurements of the eye to enhance the lasers ability to re-shape the front surface of the eye (cornea). This allows for precise, individualized vision correction outcomes to be achieved that are not able to be achieved with Traditional LASIK surgery.
Wavefront LASIK technology is groundbreaking because it has the potential to improve visual acuity and contrast sensitivity and fine detail.  This means, reduced risk of post-LASIK complications, such as glare, halos, and difficulty with night vision. 
Custom LASIK's advantage

  • Greater chance of achieving better than 20/20 vision or better
  • Reduced chance of losing best-corrected vision
  • Reduced chance of losing visual quality or contrast sensitivity
  • Reduced chance of night-vision disturbances and glare and halos
  • Studies have shown that the visual results with Custom Wavefront LASIK are more predictable than with Traditional LASIK.