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IntraLase LASIK is the best option among the Lasik surgery methods and is considered to be the premium type because it is typically has fewer risk and complications than other types of LASIK.
IntraLase LASIK, also known as IntraLase or all-laser LASIK – bladeless LASIK differs from other LASIK surgeries because the flap is created using a laser as opposed to a manual blade. With IntraLase, people with thin corneas who once were unsuitable for LASIK may now be candidates due its precision.
With the help of the Femtosecond computer technology, the surgeon is able to create a tiny flap in the patient's cornea. The IntraLase laser results in a corneal flap that is created in a much more precise manner than the traditional microkeratome blade. IntraLase LASIK tends to allow the patient to heal quicker due to the fact that the surgeon is able to make a more accurate, even flap on the eye that will fall back into place naturally.
Although both IntraLase LASIK and Traditional LASIK eye surgery have a possibility of complications, Studies have shown that IntraLase LASIK surgery results in fewer overall LASIK complication rates. The difference in flap structure created by the laser as opposed to the microkeratome blade used in Traditional LASIK may reduce the chance of cells growing underneath and pushing up the flap (epithelial ingrowth) to create an irregular corneal surface with accompanying vision defects.
Studies have  shown that IntraLase LASIK may also produce a lower incidence of postoperative dry eye and fewer enhancements are required with IntraLase LASIK. Another advantage of IntraLase is it allows a wider variety of people to get LASIK. For example, people with thin corneas who once were unsuitable for bladed LASIK may now be candidates due its precision, and its ability to consistently produce thin corneal flaps.